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 THESE ARE JUST A few of the innovation centric companies in texas 



The vision and mission of SILICON VALLEY OF THE SOUTH, TEXAS, is simple: 


We chose the Lone Star State because of its ability to attract and retain major technology companies, incorporating Eight (8) Innovation Centers into this new Silicon Valley of the South in Texas. These Innovation Centers strategically located throughout the State will allow strong industry and university research collaboration to develop advanced products of the 21st Century that will make the United States the envy of the world for innovation and will maintain its economic leadership globally.

Having had the benefit of significant economic uptakes, with some $6.47 billion invested in the State, 37,553 total jobs gained, and in seven years an estimated 219 new businesses have moved to Texas from California alone, Texas is rich in global industries and must consider the realization of capturing the many ways it can become a think tank and major technology industry asset.

Dr. Thomas Mensah, Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors US and his team have launched in 2016 the Silicon Valley of the South in Texas. Dr. Mensah will initiate a series of tours in major cities in the State of Texas to showcase the importance of the Silicon Valley of the South as a major engine of future job growth and economic development in Texas. This effort will bring a consortium of technology companies, namely Apple, Google, AT&T Inc., Verizon, Texas Instruments, Amazon, and Defense Manufacturing Companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Missile Systems, to collaborate with major Texas institutions of higher learning in new innovation centers that will create advanced products for the 21st Century. Boeing Space Systems and NASA in Houston along with the US Naval Base in Corpus Christi will also participate in these innovation centers. 

We see the State of Texas as being one of the major global technology industry developers and manufacturers of advanced products. The focus will be on the National US Critical Technology road map and will address pressing gaps in the National Critical Grid Infrastructure, Advanced Cyber Security Sensors, Manufacturing of Commercial and Military Drones that can detect and neutralize explosives on the ground for Homeland Security, and Advanced Nanotechnology Batteries for Cell Phones, Computers and Automotive industries.


Each program will work to meet a global niche market. The Silicon Valley of the South is on track to become a major player in the global technology space, from manufacturing to next generation tech deliverables. It will be our focus to take the full resources, knowledge and creativity of this leading inventor as we develop and design the 5 year plan for the Silicon Valley of the South. SILICON VALLEY OF THE SOUTH IN TEXAS is a multi-year development that has been designed for our State, City and Educational partners. 

Dr. Thomas Mensah will discuss the technological and economic impact of the launch the Silicon Valley of the South in Texas during a series of tours in major cities in Texas. 

dr. thomas mensah 

Dr. Thomas Mensah, the author of 4 books on innovation and the owner of several  patents awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office, seven of which he received in six years, has been involved in the fastest-growing technology fields in engineering around the world, distinctly fiber optics, nanotechnology and superconductor technology. These industries are projected to change the lives and landscape of the US and the world.

Passionate about green energy and sustainable developments, Dr. Mensah was one of three (3) African American men that were chosen out of 167 inventors to be honored by NAI (National Academy of Inventors) in 2015 at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Mensah says he is “greatly humbled by the NAI Fellowship and recent induction and hopes that it serves as an inspiration to young people worldwide . . . that they can attain whatever they set themselves out to do, provided they stay focused and dedicated in hard work.”

Dr. Mensah is the recipient of many positions, awards and accolades, such as being elected a Fellow of the US National Academy of Inventors (2014), Turner’s Trumpet Award for Fiber Optics Innovation, Percy Julian Award, Golden Torch Award (the highest award by NSBE), William Grimes Award, Eminent Engineers award by AIChE, and he is also a member of the AIChE 100. In November 2015 he received the International Business Leadership Award from the African Leadership Magazine in Atlanta Georgia, USA, and  he has been profiled by News Week, Aerospace America Magazine, Ebony Magazine, and Chemical Engineering Progress Magazine, to name just a few. 

Dr. Mensah has served on the visiting committee at MIT as well as on numerous boards and organizations including the AIChE National Board of Directors where he is currently a Trustee of the AlChE Foundation, and NASA Space Grant Consortium at Georgia Institute of Technology, and he is currently President of Georgia Aerospace Systems, and Chairman of Entertainment Arts Research Inc., a virtual reality development company and Lightwave Systems Inc.  It is clear to all in the industry of fiber optics and nanotechnology that Dr. Mensah is a visionary and a technological leader in the United States. His fourth book, "The Frontiers of Nanotechnology", is being published by Wiley Inc.

AREAS of focus


The Silicon Valley of the South in Texas will also have a S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) component to encourage students to study engineering, math and sciences. It will also include business accelerators and startup incubators creating a new technology ecosystem that will produce companies of the future. We look to build national technology skills, knowledge and talent to help educate on the importance of competition, confidentiality, technology and future as we focus on the various national and international markets for clients in the private and public sectors. It is our intention to create career jobs that meet the needs of our current and future generation. This is why we believe Texas is the right State in the Nation to develop Silicon Valley Of The South.

About Us



Bishop Darius Ashlock Sr., CEO / COO

Dr. Thomas Mensah, President & Chairman

Dr. Mae Jemison, MD, US Astronaut (Ret)

Dr. Robert Bobby Satcher Jr., US Astronaut (Ret,) MD Anderson

Mr. Fernando Hernandez Director Supplier Diversity, Microsoft Corporation

Mr. Jacky Fletchen, Chairman, Zero1, Paris, France

Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Fmr Deputy Administrator, NASA Headquarters

Dr. Erian Armanios, Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas Arlington

Joan Robinson-Berry, Senior Vice President, Boeing Company

Dr. Harold Jackson, MD Telemedicine Director, Lightwave Systems

Mrs. Lisa P Jackson, Vice President, Apple Inc.

Dr. Garrett Reisman, Director of Crew Operations, SpaceX

Trice Johnson, Architect Innovation and Technology Group Microsoft 

Dr. Cato Laurencin, National Medal Of Technology 2016

Mr. Raj Neravati, CEO Hug Innovation IOT Devices

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Our Technology
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cybersecurity sensors


Provide Next Generation technology for Homeland Security, Airports, Train Stations, and Public Venues, including Stadiums and other public venues.

military drone manufacturing


Military Drone Manufacturing: Develop Next Generation drones and sensors to detect and neutralize IEDs and other explosives in war zones.



Software Development and Artificial Intelligence: Develop next generation software for Cyber Security, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (VR), Cloud, Big Data  etc.

commercial drone manufacturing


Commercial Drone Manufacturing: Develop cutting  edge technologies to manufacture commercial Drones in Texas.



Aerospace Technologies: Develop technologies for low cost Satellites and Micro-Satellites.



Advanced  Nanotechnology Batteries: Next generation batteries for Cellphones, Laptop Computers, iPads, and Automobiles.



Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Development: Sensors to connect devices to the Internet Platform.

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Military Systems
Commercial Drones
internet of things
Miltary Drone Systems

AdvanceD Nano Batteries
Satellite Systems
Cyber Security
Parallel Lines


Innovation Centers
Contact Us


Dr. Thomas Mensah
President & Chairman Of The Board

Bishop Darius Ashlock

Our Address

325 N. Saint Paul Street, Ste 3100 

Dallas, Texas 75201

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 17:00PM

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